About us
Rustem Garaev
Company executive CHRB
The company "Colon, Hyphen & Right Bracket" was established in 2003. Our mission is to develop Russian Cyber space by building a comfortable, aesthetic websites and ensuring them wide popularity.

The main qualities of our company are high level of custom service and professionalism in realization all projects we take. Professionalism is the word you can find in section "About us" of almost all corporative websites. Our professionalism bases on a) experience b) results, which let us be called "professionals". We`ve been building up websites since 2003, working at developing since 2005. Over than 300 websites were built since that time, over than 200 projects of search engine optimization were released by us. Just look on the page Portfolio our website and you`ll find e - shops and portals, which were complicated in their realization, but now easy in use and also the results of our working in search engine optimization made like the list of our sites positions in web - search systems.

Nowadays, "Colon, Hyphen & Right Bracket" `s team consist of 37 people and includes several structures: the working out department, seo department, design studio, quality control, commercial department, administration department and our delegations in other Russian cities.

Tell me, who your client is, and I will tell you, who you are. Our company released orders of such prominent corporations like Tatspirtprom, Airline Tatarstan, food industry plant Vamin .

It should be noticed that the geography of our clients is rather wide: Moscow, Podmoskovye, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Asrtahan, Krasnoyarsk and lots of others Russian cities. Also we work with some European companies like EuroBusiness Advisory Company (London) MP-Production (Freiburg).

In 2008 2009, some powerful, professional companies cooperated with CHRB, like design studio "Kit and Kot" (kitkot.ru), "Creative agency of Internet technologies" (cait.ru), Federal entertainment agency "Tsel" (federacel.ru). Also some employees and general director of broken inter regional company "BRAND" joined us. After all unifications a powerful, creative cooperation, the union of web developers, designers and seo specialists was formed with one system of administration. This union was called CHRB group.

Ours customers say about us

Fanis Mirsaitov
airline Tatarstan
By the years of company`s existing they have been recommended like a professionals`team and like a developing, stable company in the sphere of modern informational technologies...
Aidar Gizdatullin
Specialists of this company shown accuracy and congruence in work... this qualities allowed to reach the result we planned...
Talgat Sabitov
Television and radio company - New age
Their team has always been differed by its activity and well disposition...

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